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We are very proud to have become the chosen disco for a number of local venues. This means that the venues only use us to provide there own disco’s and will only recommend us to there customers. Some of them include us as the entertainment in there booking packages while others leave us to arrange everything with you. Either way, if you are holding your event at one of these venues it means you win all round. Not only do you get the amazing disco & DJ we usually provide, you also get that at a preferential price.

There are also other advantages to being the resident disco. At all our venues it means we are now very much part of the team. Rather than being an outside company who you bring in to provide the entertainment, we have a personal relationship with our venues. We are part of the venues team rather and that means we fit in perfectly. It also means we can usually do things you might not always be able to do. Some of our venues are happy for us to set up much earlier than you might expect, other allow us to spend time there specifically designing our disco and lighting for the room. This can only mean a better service for you.

The Waveney House Hotel

We have been the choice of disco for this lovely venue for over three years now and have disco’s and shows specifically designed to make the most of the venue. Most of our functions take place in the Waveney Suite where we have a superb stage to work on. This allows us to use our large starcloth backdrop (which transforms the stage) and set up early without anyone knowing that the disco is there. We also look after all of the hotels internal event – Christmas Parties, New Years Eve, end of term parties…

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